"A third album full of complex arrangements, strong singing and the clear sense of a band seriously stretching their wings."
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The Shee

THE SHEE is an exceptional all-female band and Murmurations, their third CD, further showcases their three exceptionally strong singers alongside astonishing instrumental prowess. Their diverse range of individual musical influences combine to produce an adventurous brew of Folk, Gaelic and Bluegrass. The arrangements on the new album are a mixture of their signature complex, inter-weaving textures and a brave, stripped-back feel on certain tracks. The new album, in part, illustrates a different side to a band unafraid to explore new territory and mix their ever-changing individual influences together, all the while managing to maintain a unique, recognisable sound.

The band is lucky to have a talented graphic designer in their ranks in the form of Lillias Kinsman-Blake. Lillias came up with the concept of designing every single album cover for Murmurations; differently, giving the owner a completely unique piece of artwork. "Every single album cover has been individually illustrated,” she explains, “to represent the endlessly evolving flight patterns of the Starlings. We wanted to give people something unique and personal that couldn't be experienced from simply downloading the music. As a band, we feel that the music on this album is particularly honest. We keep returning to the dynamic of the individual and yet the interaction between the group and the way our music draws heavily on our individual influences while maintaining a collective sound. This is illustrated through the murmuration of starlings."

As with the last two albums, The Shee arranged all the tracks together and the recording has no guest musicians. They are very glad to have brought in Duncan Lyall again as producer with Stuart Hamilton as their recording engineer. Castlesound Studios with its many booths and space allows the band to record live together as much as possible and the album was recorded in only four days.



Track info for 'Murmurations' | Released 8th October 2012. Check the shop!


No shows booked at the moment.

  • Getting set to tour
  • Hello!

    October will soon be upon us and we are looking forward to returning to some of our favourite venues in England. Check out our gigs page for more info if you’d like to come and see us.

    This weekend we played at the lovely Ramsbottom Festival. What a great setting and line-up – a brilliant way to wind up our summer gigs. We also recently visited Nordsjofestivalen in the beautiful town of Farsund in Norway where we played in the beautiful cinema venue. Although the festival was quite small it had a brilliant mixture of bands playing at it and the sessions were jumping!

    It’s been a busy year all round for us all outwith the band too. Rachel has just released her second solo album ‘Changeling‘ and is also a featured artist in the Elizabethan Session who also have a new release.

    Amy has been busy recording and touring with Kathryn Tickell’s new band, The Side, whose album is due for release on the 29th of September. She has also been working with Shee band member, Shona, in her new band Shona Mooney and the Moss Troupers. Shona has also recently recorded on the Northumbrian Exchanges CD, exploring the common ground between Folk and Early music.

    Laura-Beth has been gigging in her new duo with Jenn Butterworth and was recently spotted playing with Shooglenifty with the Master Drummer of Rajasthan at the Commonwealth Games.

    We are really looking forward to getting back on the road and playing a mixture of material from all three albums, so if you have any requests let us know and we might just be able to get them into the set list for you!

    Cheerio for now

    The Shee x

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    Ramsbottom 2014 by Mike Ainscoe


    Our New Album - Murmurations

    Release date: 8th October 2012.
    £12 (incl. postage) / £15 for a signed copy (incl. postage)
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    You can find our solo CDs and check out our other individual projects here;

    Laura-Beth Salter http://laurabethsalter.com/

    Rachel Newton http://www.rachelnewtonmusic.com/

    Monster Ceilidh Band http://monsterceilidhband.co.uk/

    Lillias Kinsman-Blake Design http://lillias.co.uk/

    Emily Portman http://www.emilyportman.co.uk/

    Lori Watson http://www.loriwatson.co.uk/

    Mairearad Green http://www.mairearadgreen.com/

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