Sewing for Beginners – Everything You Need to Learn to Sew

Wish to learn some new things in your spare time? What about sewing? Want to know all the tips and tricks of sewing for beginners? Scroll down to discover.

Sewing has been at the top of common hobbies far back from the 1850s. Many said that sewing could bring a fulfilling feel as you can make a whole workpiece your own and adjust it to be like what you want. Great, right?

It may be overwhelming at first if you are a newbie to this kind of work. Yet, this sewing for beginners post shall help. Continue reading to know everything you need to learn to sew.

What essentials needed for beginner to learn to sew

Shopping For The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

This coverstitch machine appears in various types and shapes, from a mini size to a big one or even a sewing machine for leather. So when … Read the rest

Top 10 Must-Have Wardrobe Items for Women at 50+

Fashion is the top concern of women irrespective of old and young. The sad fact is that older women are, the more difficult choosing clothes is. The less aesthetic body and the variety of products make women feel confused with the questions “ What clothes are necessary? What clothes are suitable for their body? Is bra for old woman a good choice?”. From now on, 10 excellent wardrobe items for women at 50+ will help you clear up queries.

Clothes for women at 50+

What Are 10 Must-have Wardrobe Items For Women At 50+?

Some Popular Issues With Women At 50+

The oversize body, sagging skin, less elastic and bright skin by aging are general problems that many older women have to deal with daily. These issues have adversely affected not only the beauty of women but also their fashion style and confidence.

Many women are busying themselves with their … Read the rest

Golf Sweet Spot Basics – How to Hit the Sweet Spot More Often

You are learning how to play golf but don’t know how to hit sweet spots more often? Let’s read this article to find out some tips for a better performance!

As an international artist, we usually have lots of cumulative schedules ahead. From practicing, training, rehearsing to live performance, sometimes it is exciting yet exhausting for many works.


Hence, in our free time, we look for pastime activities that are not too demanding but still relaxing and new at the same time. Golf is what fulfills all the requirements.

After investing money (to buy our favorite golf push carts collection) and time to master the sports, we recently realized that not many people know how to hit sweet spots despite its importance.

In this post, let’s learn how to achieve this skill. Let’s start!

Gold Sweet Spot Basics 101

What is “Sweet Spot” in golf?

Finding a sweet spot Read the rest

The summer has arrived!

We’re just about recovered from a fantastic weekend playing at National Forest Folk Club and then Priddy Folk Festival, where the sun was shining, and the festival sprits were high!

Friday night was Jenn’s first gig depping for Amy (although she has covered for LB before), so we had get together in Newcastle to run through everything before hand. This meant that we got to call in on Amy and her little one who are doing very well!

Jenn did a great job at not only providing us with solid, driving guitar accompaniment, but utilising her freeze pedal so that she could emulate some of Amy’s drones. Great fun!

Saturday’s gig at Priddy was particularly special because Brian Finnegan hopped up to join us for our last number – the piece Lillias commissioned him to write for our Continuum project. If anyone has any photo evidence of this we’d love … Read the rest

See you next year

As we come to an end of our ten year anniversary year, we thought it would be nice to share some messages with you from all of us before we all disappear for a few festive days off over Christmas. Our last gig was a live session on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe, and the good news is, you can still hear it on the iPlayer. We’ll leave you with a few fond memories of a fantastic ten years, and look forward seeing you all in the new year.


” What an amazing and intense year. It has been such a privilege to learn, arrange, record and perform the music written for us. Although this is the first album where we have not chosen every piece, but been given 6 of the 10 compositions I really connect with all the music. From the dissatisfaction

Read the rest

Gallery & Videos

Official Continuum photos

taken by Louise Bichan (For high res photos please visit the Press and Tech tab)


The Jute Mill Song / Song for Mary – Karine Polwart’s commission for Continuum performed here live at the launch at Celtic Connections 2016, filmed by TradTV.


Troubles & Norther Frisk – filmed by Trad TV at Celtic Connections 2016


Our Bottle – from Murmurations


Live Photos

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