Wish to learn some new things in your spare time? What about sewing? Want to know all the tips and tricks of sewing for beginners? Scroll down to discover.

Sewing has been at the top of common hobbies far back from the 1850s. Many said that sewing could bring a fulfilling feel as you can make a whole workpiece your own and adjust it to be like what you want. Great, right?

It may be overwhelming at first if you are a newbie to this kind of work. Yet, this sewing for beginners post shall help. Continue reading to know everything you need to learn to sew.

What essentials needed for beginner to learn to sew

Shopping For The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

This coverstitch machine appears in various types and shapes, from a mini size to a big one or even a sewing machine for leather. So when it comes to buying matters, there are probably tons of things to keep in your mind.

Considering your purpose is one of the things we would recommend you to do. You want to use the machine to sew what? You want to use it for easy tasks or heavy-duty ones?

When you want to bring your sewing machine into hemming dress pants and skirts, fixing ripped seams, or making light crafts, a cheap machine purchased in Wal-mart can work the magic.

Meanwhile, suppose you intend to use it for multiple sewing layers of fabric or making denim or hem jeans. In that case, we think you should consider investing in a high-quality machine to get the work done to the best standard.

sewing machine

After having known where you will use the machine, you should now think about your budget. If you want a low price machine, purchasing it through online websites is what works for you.

Yet, buying a machine in your local store is also an option that will give you a chance to test out your machine or have a clearer vision about which brand to go for.

All in all, based on our experience, we would advise you to pick up the best machine to your afford as it will limit the struggle happening while you work.

Shopping For Sewing Kit

Besides pins and needles and thread spool sets, there are some other tools that you shouldn’t miss on your list.

A pair of scissors is what you have to repair after the four tools mentioned above. Scissors for sewing have a different shape than the one you usually use in the office. Their blade is often sharper than others.

You can buy any sewing scissors from any brand you want as long as it works in cutting fabric. However, remember not to use those scissors to cut anything else as your scissors won’t remain the smooth cut on fabric once using it for other purposes.

The second important tool is a tape measure, especially needed for body measurement. Why? This tape measure can bend and measure things in round shape, which the regular tape can’t do.

sewing kit

Apart from tape measures and scissors, some hand sewing needles are also needed in your sewing kit. Maybe you wonder what it is for when you have already head a sewing machine, yet trust me, it aims for good.

These hand sewing needles will work best for small sewing objects such as hems, sewing buttons, and tacking facings. If you have already got them on your sewing kit, that will help you avoid having to run to the store for them at some very last minute.

What else do you need? Extra sewing machine needles? Of course, you do. Based on our sewing experience, it is unavoidable that you will run out of sewing machine needles for some time.

When you learn how to sew, there will be some actions causing your needles to break. They can be sewing too fast, over pins, sewing with improper tension, sew too many layers at a time, and many more.

If you have a few sewing machine needles packages in storage, you won’t have to rush to buy one when running out of needles at an important point of your work.

What Should You Know Before Getting To Sew

Body measurements

This skill is the most crucial skill that you should master before getting to sew. As each person’s body is different from others, it would help if you can execute the body measurement skill to get the exact sizing and make a good fit of your clothes.


Why do you have to pre-wash your fabric? That is because this action can help you to test the shrinking tendency of your fabric to limit the chance of getting an unexpected size of your cut pieces. Moreover, you can avoid the new fabric dye running to other ones as you have already rinsed it out first.


Having proper cutting techniques before learning how to sew is also an essential part. Practicing to cut many times until you can become an expert in the skill will save you from ruining your fabric and wasting your money to buy a new one.

Sewing Guide For Beginner

If you are a newbie to the sewing field, we would recommend taking a sewing course at some local shops. There will be a teacher available for any questions and hands-on instruction for you there.

What are the other possibilities? You can also find a friend or relative who knows to walk you through the basic steps of sewing. You can also try to learn through online lessons as they can also teach you all that basics.

You can start with a plain seam of straight stitch, then the zig-zag ones, and others more complicated. It will all work when you’re willing to try, ok?.

Final words

We hope you find this post on sewing for beginners to guide you and introduce you to the sewing field. Sewing is not hard work if you spend time practicing it every day, so keep going and don’t give up.

Good luck with your work. Thank you for reading.

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