People often tend to look for methods on folding bras, such as best bra for sagging breasts without wire and athletic sports bra, and overlook the importance of folding underwear.

Do you ever wonder what the best way to fold your underwear is? If you’re like most people, then this question has never crossed your mind. It’s not something that we all think about. But if you care about how their clothes are organized and neat, then it can be a big deal for some people.

Different ways of folding underwear will take up less space in your drawer or drying rack. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about folding underwear neatly, so they don’t get wrinkled or stretched out over time!

The Best Way to Fold Underwear To Save Space

Time and space are two of the most valuable commodities in today’s world. So why not use them efficiently? Start by organizing your undies first. An organized underwear drawer will enable you to find matching sets or your favorites easily. In this article, we’ll help guide you through different techniques with step-by-step guidelines on each specific underwear’s shape.

The Roll Method

This method may be familiar to most of us.

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Step 1: Position your panties.

Lay it flat and vertical. This way, the waist would lie on the right and is perpendicular to you.

Step 2: Start folding it.

Grab the crotch of your panties and line the bottom up with the waist. This also means you’re folding the panties in half. Then, smoothen the surface out with your hand to make sure there is no wrinkles left.

Step 3: Horizontally fold it in half.

Take the panties’ end that’s close to you, and meet that line with the other end. Now, you’re folding it horizontally. This way, the roll will be tight enough as the layer is thick.

Step 4: Start rolling your panties.

Firmly hold one end and roll it up. You should start rolling at the nearest side. Make sure you’re rolling it tight enough so it won’t smooth out when storing.

Step 5 – Neat storing.

You should stack the rolled panties next to each other so they won’t roll out that easily. Also, as these rolled panties are small and thin enough, you can maximize your storage by layering them on top of each other. Just make sure you’re layering those that you often use on top not to mess everything up while looking for panties to use.

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The Square Method

This method would best suit normal underwear for everyday use.

Step 1 – Position your panties.

Let the waistband be parallel to you, or let’s say, the table line, with its crotch side be closer to you than the waist.

Step 2 – Start folding.

Line the bottom with the waist by taking the crotch and making its way to the waistband.

Step 3 – Divide the underwear into half, line the right side with the center of the panties.

Step 4 – Line the left side to the center of the panties.

Step 5 – Flip, then fold it in half.

Remember not to mess it up, just flip the square folded panties while keeping them in shape. You can store the panties on top of each other or any way you want as they won’t roll out like the previous method.

The Egg Roll Method

Step 1 – Position the panties.

This time, you’re positioning it just like the previous method, the only difference is that the waistband will be closer to you.

Step 2 – Equally fold it three times from your side forwards.

Make sure the folds are equally measured and narrowed enough. Start with your waistband to the crotch. Do not fold all of them, you should leave approximately one inch of your crotch unfolded for the next step.

Step 3 – Flip your panties over

Now, gently flip your folded panties, so its backside faces you, with the crotch nearest you.

Step 4 – Line the left and right side to the center

Fold both sides in, make sure they are equally folded, and have one overlap the other side.

Step 5 – Flip the inside part out.

After you’ve got the side folded onto the center, fold the crotch up. If your panties have a long crotch, you may have to fold it twice this time.

You’ll see there’s a hole on the nearest side to you. Place your thumbs into it, then flip the inside face out from that hole. The middle fingers can assist you in pushing the back.

Though some might see this method as quite time-consuming, it will save you extra time when you need to find it. The folded panties will remain the same shape even if you mess the organized drawers up when looking for items!

The Thong Method

I consider this method as the easiest and simplest out of this list.

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Step 1 – Position your panties

This step will be the same as step one in the egg roll method, only with its face down.

Step 2 – Line the bottom with the waistband

Take the crotch’s bottom edge, then fold it up to cover the waistband’s top.

Step 3 – Line both sides with the center

Divide the panties’ width by three, then line the right side with the second line from it, and repeat with the left side to overlap the former. This way, you’re folding it into thirds.

Step 4 – Store folded thongs

Place them upright on top of each other to make a bundle.

The Boxer Briefs Method

While the three methods above teach you how to fold normal panties, this section will work with boxer briefs.

Step 1 – Position your boxer briefs

Face your boxer briefs up to have its waistband stays furthest to you.

Step 2 – Half-Folding

Locate the boxer’s middle. Line one side to the center and have the other side overlap it. Make sure your outer seams are lined up properly.

Step 3 – Rotating the boxer briefs

Rotate your boxer briefs so the waistband faces one side, and the crotch faces the other side. You will see the half-folded boxer briefs parallel to the table line. Then, line the top line with the bottom line to receive a long rectangle.

Step 4 – Finish folding

Now, grab the crotch side, and fold the long rectangle boxer briefs in thirds to receive a square folded one. You can place each folded boxer briefs next to each other on your underwear storage.

Properly Store Underwears

Folding methods may prevent messing up your drawers. Still, a nice storage strategy will keep everything neater and decent.

You can choose to add dividers or boxes to your drawers for storing underwear. This will allow you to carefully separate these items from other things in your drawers, such as plus size anti cellulite leggings or shirts.

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Besides, separating them by style can help you a great deal next time you’re looking for it when you know exactly where to aim. Another useful tip is to leave everyday underwear in one section with those for special occasions in another section. If you stack them together, you might mess special ones on everyday use when looking for normal ones.

What if you’re a psychopath? Then you might want to organize them by color. It’s all up to your preferences to choose which storing and folding methods, as long as you’re having fun and comfortable with your drawers.


To store your underwear in a space-saving manner, you have to know how it should be folded. There are several methods, but if you want something that will save space and keep your clothes from being damaged or wrinkled, we recommend using one of the options above.

For those who need help storing all of their different types of undergarments, such as senior bras front closure, best bra for tank tops in an efficient manner, there’s another article on how to do just that here. Now go forth and organize with confidence!

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