You are learning how to play golf but don’t know how to hit sweet spots more often? Let’s read this article to find out some tips for a better performance!

As an international artist, we usually have lots of cumulative schedules ahead. From practicing, training, rehearsing to live performance, sometimes it is exciting yet exhausting for many works.


Hence, in our free time, we look for pastime activities that are not too demanding but still relaxing and new at the same time. Golf is what fulfills all the requirements.

After investing money (to buy our favorite golf push carts collection) and time to master the sports, we recently realized that not many people know how to hit sweet spots despite its importance.

In this post, let’s learn how to achieve this skill. Let’s start!

Gold Sweet Spot Basics 101

What is “Sweet Spot” in golf?

Finding a sweet spot in golf

First, you have to understand what is the sweet spot in golf. In short, the sweet spot is the specific area on the clubhead, located near the middle of the tool. It represents the spot where you should hit the golf ball to make the optimal result. Typically, the sweet spot is located under the actual center of a clubhead a few centimeters.

Clubhead produced by different brands can have different shapes, sizes, and weights, making the location of the sweet spot distinguished. Besides, the sweet spot is an imaginary area proposed by the golf players to refer to the spot with optimal results. So, all the time, it bases on your “feeling” and experience to find out the exact sweet spot on the clubhead.

That being said, it would be useful if you spend some time getting used to your clubhead before going to the course.

Why is it important?

Given these facts, we believe that you can understand why finding the sweet spot is so important. Reaching the sweet spot will help you make the optimal result. The better you reach the spot, the higher score you get.

To be specific, hitting the golf ball can transfer the most energy from your arms to the clubhead and through the ball. As a result, the ball, which receives much energy, can flow over a maximum distance. In competition, this is a vital point to help you gain a perfect strike.

Suppose you don’t hit the ball at the sweet spot, but out on the toe or off the heel, then the energy transferred will be reduced, and you can lose impact efficiency. Your ball will fly through a shorter distance.

In brief, it is extremely important to hit the golf ball at the sweet spot because such an area increases the efficiency and makes a strike. Otherwise, you will have a lower point.

How to hit the sweet spot in golf more often


Playing golf

Balance is the key success factor in any sport. Without balance, you cannot control the movement of the body, the energy from the arms as well as the position of your clubhead. Consequently, it’s impossible to keep the consistency in hitting optimal results.

Balance is the most challenging skill to practice for any sport. There is no concise exercise that can help you keep the balance except for your mind. It would be best if you were concentrated and consistent enough to only think about the movement you intend to do so that any action is precise and compact.

Based on our experience, there is a simple technique to help remain the rhythm of your body. You can swing in slow motion, about 10% of your normal swing amplitude, for ten times. Then, repeat when rising the amplitude and speed to 20, 30, 40, and 80 percent in 10 reps. Through such activities, your body has a rhythm, so it can have a higher chance of remaining balanced.

Eye control

Balance aside, eye control is also essential to make you hit sweet spots more often. Keeping your eye stabilized at one point when your swing begins, and stare at it so that your body, your arm, your energy will only focus at the same point. It’s likely to improve your balance, focus, and energy to hit the ball stronger with such a technique.

In golf, looking up early is a common mistake. Sometimes, people can easily be distracted by their eye movements. For example, you are trying to think about the sweet point, but suddenly your mind keeps distracted, and you look away. In just a few seconds, you look back, but now you have lost the sweet spot and have to re-position again.

Here is our tip to control the eyes’ movement: choose an exact spot (it would be best if that is the sweet spot, but if it isn’t, it’s still acceptable) on the clubhead. Then, try your best to stare at it. Even if your body moves, remain your eyesight at the same spot. By such skill, your eyes won’t wander around anymore.

Body control

Hitting the sweet spot in golf

A golf swing is made by the harmony of movements from the body, especially the arms and the clubhead. Without the control of the body, you cannot complete a good golf swing.

That being said, a reasonable body movement control is also necessary when you want to hit a sweet spot in golf. Here is how to stay properly: Grip the club firmly, ensuring that the tool square by placing its bottom perpendicular to the target line.

Then, place the feet, thighs, shoulders, and hips parallel with each other and with the target line. Commit a full swing to release all the energy and let the ball fly as far as possible.

Wrapping it up

Through this post, we have discussed how to hit the sweet spot more often. In golf, this is one of the most critical factors to make a good performance. Thus, it’s a must to learn how to achieve such a record, and our suggestion above is the simple guidance for you to do so.

However, in golf, there are many other skills to achieve that master the art of golf. We advise you to practice the “sweet spot” skill and other techniques such as gripping and swinging.

We hope that this article provides you with resourceful insights about golfing. Enjoy your golfing time!

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